Made In Turtle Island

Many cultures around the world have stories about a great flood. In Anishinaabe culture, it is believed that the muskrat gave his life to save humans from a great flood. One by one, each animal tried to swim to the bottom of the water and bring back some earth. None were successful until the tiny muskrat - who none of the other animals believed in - came back to the surface with a small pawful of dirt. He didn’t survive but the dirt he collected was placed on the turtle’s back and that turtle became Turtle Island or North America.

Pre&Peri believes in keeping as much of our production as possible in Turtle Island in order to maintain a clearer supply chain, to ensure the social equity of the people involved in the various stages of production, to support our local economy, and to reduce our carbon footprint by reducing shipping distances during production. In some cases, raw materials must be sourced from other lands due to climate and agricultural limitations in Turtle Island. The origins of any upcycled items are unknown but are designed and assembled/decorated in Turtle Island in an effort to divert waste from the landfill.