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We Are All Related Long Sleeve T-Shirt

We Are All Related Long Sleeve T-Shirt

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Part of Pre&Peri's One Health Partners Collection, 50% of the profits from the sale of this shirt will be used to support One Health Partners' Indigenous programs and community outreach such as their therapy dog-supported literacy program at the Native Women's Resource Centre in Toronto. 

About the Design:

“Paws to Care”, One Health Partners’ therapy dog program, is a key part of the organization and also a background inspiration for our We Are All Related designs. It inspired the paw print in the top left and bottom right. These can also be seen as Wolf paw prints which are common themes in Indigenous art.

The human hand and footprints have the same outline but the inner segments are decorated differently to signify the difference but equality of the world's peoples. We then added a hoof because Caitlin Wemigwans (owner and designer of Pre&Peri) has long felt a spiritual connection with the gentle deer. 

In the centre, we placed a bird footprint to represent non-mammals. The prints are evenly spaced and while they lie in different positions, no one of these species is more important than the others. This speaks to the interconnectivity of all living things which is an important part of Indigenous culture as well as One Health Partners' One Health philosophy. 

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Caitlin is 5'4" and is wearing size Small. William is 5'11" and is wearing size Large. 

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